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Welcome to our new Global Studies Alumni page (including alum of the International Studies Major – now Global Studies)!  We still want you in our world and created this to be a space to keep in touch with our college, connect with past, present, and future Global Studies students, and continue learning and engaging with our diverse world. 

 We continue to have a vibrant and close-knit Global Studies community on campus, and we want you to be a part of the community as an alum. To continue in this effort, some upcoming projects we plan on implementing include:

  • Growing a mentoring network with our current Global Studies students
  • Providing avenues and communication networks to ask for feedback on how to grow and improve our program based on your experiences
  • Developing on-campus events and programs to have you come and share your experiences with our current students

 We are excited to be in touch with you in the near future to learn about your adventures following your time here at the UA.  Please feel free to reach out to Dr. David Pietz or one of our Global Studies advisors with any updates, feedback, or questions you may have for us.  Go world!

Global Studies

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Michelle Palmer

Cultures, Literature, Film, and the Arts
Three of my greatest passions are music, culture, and dreams. I am enthralled by the brilliance of sound, so I am often found listening to jazz or symphonic music from movie soundtracks. My favorite movies to watch are epic fantasy films, like Lord of the Rings, because I totally value fighting for...