Pulse Cat Ambassador: Sarahna Azaria Moyd

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Minors: Chemistry and Anthropology

Year: Senior

What advice would you give to undergraduate student preparing for the health professions?

Ask questions and start getting involved early.  Do not wait until your Junior or Senior year to join clubs/organizations and if possible, do not wait too long to start volunteering, shadowing someone in the field, and visit the pre-health advisors early.  Major in something you love, not something you think will give you an advantage in the admissions process because as long as you meet their requirements, schools don't give special consideration to applicants with certain majors.  All years are important, not just junior and senior year.  Do your best every semester, but don't be discouraged if you don't do well early on.  Use it as motivation to excel in future courses.

What has been your BEST experience at UA?

UA has given me the opportunity to reach out to the community beyond the university and I have been able to work at the Wildcat School, Mansfeld Middle School, and Tucson Magnet High School.  It's great to be able to represent the UA within other communities.

What hidden treasure have you found campus?

I love the historic part of campus near Park Ave between the Emil Haury School of Anthropolgy and Yuma and Maricopa residence halls.  There are benches, beautiful trees, peace and quiet, and it indirectly connects me with nature.  I like to stop by every now and then to clear my mind and have a mini get-a-way from homework, work, and even friends.

What areas in the Health Professions are you interested in pursuing?

I'm not quite sure yet but my overarching goal is to contribute to society by advancing the fields of health and science.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

 Either returning to academia or working with a governmental agency such as the NIH or CDC.

How has your experience been as a PULSE CAT Ambassador?

My experience has been GREAT! I truly enjoy interacting with the other 4 ambassadors, the wonderful advisors, and talking with everyone (students and parents) regarding the health professions.  The high school outreach events are probably my favorite because I have the opportunity to encourage them to keep their options open to all health professions and there is so much information to give them! Ideally the information encourages them to get involved early and ask many, many questions to help guide them along their path.  I have learned so much about other health professions, I have developed more confidence to talk with people I do not know, and I believe I have improved how I articulate my own interests and goals.

What do you like to do when you have down time?

I love listening to music (R&B, jazz), I like to do hair (braids and extensions), and I enjoy reading a good book. I'm currently reading Let It Go by Bishop T.D. Jakes but it's taking me forever to finish it.

Who has been a major influence in your life and why?

My parents have always encouraged me to do my best, find what makes me happy and brings me joy, and to not give up when times get tough.  They're very supportive and I always want to make them proud. One of my physicians, who is African American, has also been an major inspiration to me because she didn't take the traditional route to her profession and she's very patient, passionate, and understanding.


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