Pre-Health Minor

The Pre-Health Thematic Minor is designed to support the academic goals of students planning to become health professionals and who choose a non-science major.  Most non-science majors require a minor as part of the degree program and choosing the Pre-Health Minor allows you to include your required sciences as well as more advanced study in the sciences as part of your degree.  The minor is comprised of:

  • Core Courses
  • Elective, upper-division sciences (300-400 level)

The core courses are required and are:

  • First semester Organic Chemistry (CHEM 241A & 243A, which requires completion of general chemistry)
  • Second semester Physics (PHYS 103 & 182)
  • Biochemistry (BIOC 385)

The remainder of the minor must include upper division science course work totaling 7 units.  The following courses are approved for inclusion in the Pre-Health Minor:

  • ACBS 312, ACBS 419, ACBS 438, ACBS 420, BIOC 384, ECOL 320, ECOL 326, ECOL 409, ECOL 437, MCB 302, MCB 304, MCB 340, MCB 404, MCB 407, MCB 410, MCB 411, MCB 422, MCB 433, MCB 455, MCB 470, MIC 340, MIC 419, MIC 420, MIC 433, MIC 438, PLS 312, PLS 333, PLS 340, PSIO 380

Substitutions may be approved by the Pre-Health Advisors to support the requirements for your health career.

Pre-Health Professions