Dave Moore

Associate Professor of Watershed Management and Ecohydrology

The aim of my research is to understand how ecosystems are impacted by, and cause feedbacks to, the climate system so that we might find workable solutions to anthropogenic climate change. I accomplish this by 1) combining ecological experiments and observations at different spatial and temporal scales with mathematical models of ecosystem function, 2) exploiting existing long-term datasets to test hypotheses of ecosystem function and challenge current paradigms, 3) collaborating broadly with scientists from a range of disciplines, and 4) training students and early career scientists to understand the challenges posed by global environmental change and to seek solutions by integrating modeling and empirical approaches to study the global carbon cycle.

Before beginning my position at the University of Arizona in August 2011, I was a faculty member in the Geography Department of King’s College London (KCL; Assistant Prof equivalent) from 2007-10 and invested significantly in undergraduate and MSc teaching. From 2010-11, I served a one-year appointment as visiting scientist for Data Products at the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), where I focused on building a national observatory. My primary responsibilities were developing national scale data products, mentoring postdoctoral scholars, and observatory outreach.
Website: http://djpmoore.tumblr.com/home
Website: https://snre.arizona.edu/people/david-moore
Contact: davidjpmoore@email.arizona.edu