The Undecided Major

About the Undecided Major

Undecided about your major and not sure where to start? You are in good company! 

The Undecided major is one of the most popular majors on campus. Even though many students on campus seem to have their major figured out, there is a benefit to deciding on the Undecided major. Yes, that’s right, you have decided to be undecided! You will receive excellent academic advising in the Colleges of Letters, Arts, and Science. The advisors will help you explore areas of interest, discover a major you never knew existed, and start the process of choosing the right major. With over 120 majors on campus there’s something for everyone—start learning about what possibilities are waiting for you.

To schedule an appointment with an advisor if you are currently or want to be an Undecided Major visit our Make an Appointment page.


Undecided Student Spotlight

Nicki Dahl

How does being undecided allow you the freedom to explore majors? Being undecided allows me the freedom to explore other majors because I am able to take a variety of general education courses in subjects that satisfy my interests.  By taking these courses, I can then decide which subjects I may...