Colleges of Letters, Arts and Science

The UA Colleges of Letters, Arts and Science offers a signature University experience: opportunities for students to explore areas of study that cannot be contained within a single department or college. Consisting of the colleges of Fine Arts, Humanities, Science, and Social and Behavioral Sciences, this collaboration of Colleges advances innovative programs that cross the boundaries of humanities, arts, and the sciences. CLAS fosters interdisciplinary research and offers undergraduate and graduate students unparalleled opportunities to learn from and contribute to a diverse intellectual community.

College of Fine Arts

Consisting of four professional schools: Art, Dance, Music, and Theatre, Film & Television, the College offers its students a rigorous education in performance, teaching, and creative research. Taking a conservatory approach in a liberal arts setting, the College of Fine Arts prepares students for professional careers while promoting a deep understanding of the value of the arts, the opportunities for collaboration across disciplines, and the special role the arts play within the community.

College of Humanities

A common thread linking the 17 departments and programs in the College of Humanities is the contributions they make to our understanding of human societies through their languages, literatures, and cultures. The faculty produce cutting-edge scholarship and develop innovative strategies for teaching. Faculty, students, and staff come together throughout the year to present special events on campus and in the greater community that include panels, talks, films, and performances. With all this we highlight and celebrate the College of Humanities' preeminent faculty, its extraordinary students, and the quality and richness of its programs.

College of Science

The College of Science brings together globally prominent faculty in disciplines at the core of scientific inquiry and education. The College is a nexus of award-winning programs and centers that encourage both independent and collaborative-driven research. Our 15 academic departments and research units encompass the range of physical, mathematical, environmental and life sciences. We offer next-generation scientists the opportunity to engage in groundbreaking research side-by-side with accomplished faculty. Our scientists and students share their knowledge with the local and broader community through extensive outreach and public service initiatives.


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences includes a diverse set of internationally renowned faculty and nationally ranked academic programs that share a focus on the human experience over time and place. SBS has 20 disciplinary, multidisciplinary, outreach and research units -- from anthropology to the Southwest Center -- that focus on the understanding of human beings and the societies and cultures they create. SBS students receive a diverse, interdisciplinary experience from professors who are committed to integrating the instructional experience with cutting edge research and outreach.