General Studies

Study of the U.S. and the American Experience

Study of the US and the American Experience provides students with the opportunity to explore the diversity of experiences and perspectives in the United States. Students will learn about the cultures, traditions, politics, domestic and international relations, and histories that have contributed to the shaping of the American experience. Selected courses should emphasize developing skills in effective writing, critical analysis, research, and the ability to think about problems in multiple ways using multiple theories and methods as they apply to study of the American experience.

Focus theme requirements stipulate that students take three courses focusing on the cultures and histories of at least two different groups or counties.​

Student learning outcomes: 

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how economic, political, and social changes have influenced race and ethnic relations, environmental use and protection, and arts and entertainment in the Americas.
  • Exhibit an awareness of the roles that different immigration trends and policies, social changes, and civil rights movements have played in shaping historical and contemporary cultures in the US, Latin America, and South America
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