What's the Best Major?

What’s the BEST Major for My Health Career?

We hear this question a LOT.  Easy question, not so simple answer.  There is no ONE major that is right for everyone planning to be a doctor or for students wanting to be a dentist, or a physical therapist, optometrist or for any other health career.  This answer can be frustrating for some students to hear, but it can also give you freedom.  You are free to choose what you love to study, to excel in that field and show your admissions committees what you can do when you are passionate about something. 

Instead of asking what to major in to prepare for your health career, try thinking about the answers to these questions:

Knowing that you definitely have to be good at sciences but don’t have to choose a science major, do you LOVE studying sciences?  Which science?  At The University of Arizona, we have more than 10 biology-based majors so even within biology there is a lot of room to find what you really find interesting.

Yes, you have to be strong in sciences and have to excel at the ones you take, but the requirements for health professional programs are found in many major/minor combinations, so you can include the sciences even if you major in a non-science discipline.  Do you love languages? Fine arts? Studying people or cultures? Business?  All of these and more are options for you and there are U of A alumni who have gone on to health professional schools with majors in virtually all of them!

Many health professionals today were not accepted the first time they applied-it is a highly competitive process.  What would you use your U of A degree to do while you are preparing to reapply?

Many students hear things about courses required for admission or about the choice of your major and there is a lot of incorrect information “out there.”  Your pre-health advisors receive on-going training to stay up-to-date with this type of information.  Our purpose is to help you be the most successful applicant possible and we know that giving you the most accurate information available is essential.  If we don’t know, we have colleagues on admissions committees around the country as well as in advising centers all over the United States with whom we can consult if you have an unusual situation.  Let us help you succeed!

Want to learn more?  Try this page for more information about choosing the right major.

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