Pizza with a Professional: Arts, Media, and Entertainment

March 9, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Student Union Kiva

Studying the arts means putting your whole self into creation; it can also mean constantly dodging questions about how you're going to earn money in the arts.  Majoring in the arts doesn't mean a job as a professor or starving artist. It can mean marketing, business administration, publishing, media, etc. But how do you get there? What is the difference between a major and marketable skills? How does skill in an art transfer into skill outside of the classroom? How do you talk to your parents and your friends about your future if they don't understand it? 

The College of Letters, Arts, and Science wants to ease some of that stress on your future in the arts by hosting a panel discussion on careers within the art world. Pizza with a Professional: Arts, Media, and Entertainment will center on how major choice factors into careers in the arts, useful skills beyond artistic merit, and the job market today for people who major in the arts.

Join us for conversation and a slice of pie on March 9th at 12PM in Student Union Kiva to share in the stress of job hunting and the joy of studying art.