Patient Experience (PX) Internship for Summer, 2018

February 22, 2018 - 9:00am to March 4, 2018 - 11:59pm
Banner-University Medical Center

Patient Experience Internship Program          

Banner-UMC/Pre-Health Professions Advising Center

Summer, 2018  Application - Application is for one or both 7-week summer sessions, 2 credits/units each (90 Patient Contact Hours per session)

  • 7-Week Summer Session 1:  May 14, 2018 - June 29, 2018
  • 7-Week Summer Session 2: July 2, 2018 - August 17, 2018

Please read the information about this opportunity carefully.  The application deadline is Sunday, March 4th, 2018 by 11:55 PM.    There is a required orientation and immunization clearances are required of the students selected and your submission of application is your agreement to meet these requirements. 

  1. The application for this SUMMER opportunity is online and can be accessed through the link at the end of this explanation.
  2. The training and immunization clearances required for Banner-UMC are completed through an online company called myClinicalExchange (mCE) and the company will charge you directly for this service ($36.50).  Please note that neither Banner-UMC nor the Pre-Health Professions Advising Center receives any of these funds.
    1. Training modules completed for mCE will include HIPAA and professionalism among other topics.
    2. Immunization clearances involve submitting proof of MMR, Varicella (chicken pox) and 2 negative TB tests
  3. Each 7-week summer session is a 2 credit, upper division course and you will be billed through the Bursar’s office for the course.
  4. Total contact hours you are required to complete during each 7-week summer session is 90.  You may request admission to both sessions (total of 4 credits/units) if you plan to complete the entire 14 weeks (May 14 - August 17) and students committing to both sessions will be scheduled first. 
  5. The course requirements involve regular journal submissions and a final reflective paper submitted through your D2L class site.  There is also a project submitted directly to the internship liaison at BUMC.

The Patient Experience (PX) Program is a patient contact experience, designed for students intending to apply to health professional programs who have completed at least one year of college (at UA or who have transferred to UA from another college/university).  There is no preference given for an applicant's particular career path within the health professions. The patient advocate volunteer will be assigned to a care unit at Banner University Medical Center-Tucson. The patient advocate will be responsible for rounding on patients by utilizing an established rounding process and guidelines.  Rounding is defined as the act of proactively meeting with patients and discussing needs such as communication with staff, hospitalization and stay, safety, and plan of care. After the patient advocate has rounded with the patients, the advocate then summarizes the findings and action is taken by the hospital providers. 

The role of the patient experience intern is to enhance patient-centered care and satisfaction through facilitation of need based communication between patient, family, and staff.  The patient experience intern will gain: effective communication skills; a better understanding of patient satisfaction determinants; increased awareness of health care system service quality and protocols; knowledge of methods to evaluate patient satisfaction and the impact that this satisfaction has on the hospital; and exposure to health administration and other public health challenges.  Patient experience interns will also provide valuable information to Banner University Medical Center regarding opportunities to improve care as well as analyses of needs relevant to specific health care patient populations.  

You will negotiate your shifts with the nurse/unit leader (supervisor) of the unit to which you are assigned but you will need to plan for 12-14 hours per week of time at the hospital.  If you are interested, please complete the online application.  DEADLINE TO APPLY IS Sunday, March 4, 2018 by 11:55 PM.  The date stamp on the application determines its time of submission.  Please review the timeline and the steps shown above which are required to become a Patient Experience Intern. Preference will be given to students who have some prior clinical experience.

This application process is designed to give applicants some familiarization with the application process to health professional programs.  Attention to detail and ability to articulate your interest in health professions is critical. 

The PRIMARY APPLICATION FOR the Summer, 2018 Patient Experience (PX) Internship is available through this link: BEGIN APPLICATION