Pre Health Information Blast

November 4, 2017 - 8:30am to 1:00pm
UA Health Sciences-College of Medicine 1501 N. Campbell Ave

Are you interested in a career in medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, physical therapy, pharmacy, or other health professions?
Learn what it takes to apply to health profession schools, be a successful applicant, and where you can get clinical, research, and volunteer experience.

Rotation 1:  MCAT, DAT, GRE, Academics, and Extracurricular
Current Health Professional Students will talk about what they should do during undergrad to enhance their chances of admission.AMCAS/AACOMAS/ADSAS, Secondaries, Personal Statements, and Interviews.  Current Health Professional Students will talk about the actual application process including completing Application(s), Secondaries, Personal Statement, and the Interview Process

Rotation 2:  Health Professions Admission What are admissions looking for in an applicant? 
Panelist will discuss centralized application process (AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, CASPA, PharmCAS, and others), interviewing, and personal statement.

Rotation 3:  Getting to Know Faculty, Letters of Recommendation, Research Experience
Professors will be advising students on how to develop rapport with faculty, getting stellar letter of recommendation, and seeking research experience. 

Rotation 4:  Getting Clinical/Volunteer Experience Local clinical and volunteer agencies will discuss how to get involved in their organization and what to expect when you volunteer.

Lunch Breakout (Medicine, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, and Dentistry)

Sponsored by: Colleges of Letters, Arts, and Science Pre-Health Professions Advising Center Pre-Health PULSE CAT Ambassadors, Arizona Health Sciences Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and Ross University