General Studies

About the BGS Degree

A broader, multidisciplinary course of study rather than a traditional major/minor, the General Studies degree prepares students to think critically and analytically across a wide range of disciplines or fields of study. Students take the majority of their courses in an Emphasis which requires 27 units. The remaining courses are taken in 3 different Concentrations, with 9 units required in each Concentration. The Emphasis and the Concentration themes are discussed in more depth on the Themes page.

General Studies is the right major for you if:

  • You prefer a broader, multidisciplinary course of study rather than a traditional major/minor.
  • You have completed courses towards a specific major, but are no longer pursuing that path.
  • You have completed a diversity of coursework and want to apply those courses to a degree program.
  • You want a flexible degree program that lets you choose classes that are interesting and meaningful to you.
  • You are interested in career fields that do not require a specific academic major or certification.

What Our Students Say

"I knew that I would have more leeway with what classes I could take, and that interested me a lot because there were classes in different departments that I really wanted to take..."  —Courtney Berman, BGS Graduate

"Great course flexibility and met all my requirements."  —Philip Morehouse, BGS Graduate

"I was simply at a dead end, and BGS provided me with a way to complete my degree without having to essentially start over.  It allowed me to use courses I had already taken, as well as enroll in courses I wanted to take."  —Julian Dull, BGS Graduate

The BGS degree is designed to serve a specific population at the University of Arizona and beyond.

Target populations include:

  • Students who wish to have a multidisciplinary degree rather than a single-discipline degree or an interdisciplinary degree.
  • Transfer students who enter without a major, especially non-traditional students who have completed general education courses and/or associate degrees.
  • Students who began as pre-majors in a particular area but have been unable to gain admission to their desired degree program.
  • Students who have not declared a major but are close to, or over the 60 units/time to declare a major policy.

What can I do with a General Studies Degree?

General Studies