Global Studies

International Immersion

The Global Studies major is as much about experiencing the world as it is about taking classes. You will become proficient in a language, more knowledgeable in your chosen concentration, and you will be required to engage in an international immersion experience. For many students this will be a summer or semester spent abroad in your region of choice. You are expected to complete a minimum of five weeks of study outside the United States. If possible you are encouraged to stay for a full semester or entire year. The longer you can stay the more you will learn about your chosen region.

Where have GLS students study abroad?

Our GLS students have travelled across the globe. Check out our handbook to learn more about their experiences.

Where can I research more options?

The location of your experience should be determined by the region you have chosen to study and ideally you should have already completed 2-4 semesters of the language spoken in that region. You should work with your Global Studies advisor to determine how your study abroad coursework applies toward degree requirements.

  • The Office of Study Abroad has many programs available for students to study abroad. They hold information sessions to learn more about programs available to you.
  • You can chose to volunteer or work abroad provided that you work with your academic advisor to determine how or when you will earn course credit.
Global Studies