Global Studies

Major Requirements

The Global Studies major comprises 37 units in six areas (24 upper division units minimum), in addition to an International Immersion experience. The major is structured around intellectual and experiential frameworks that empower students to analyze, adapt, communicate, problem-solve, and empathize in a variety of professional and personal networks. The unique structure of the major, one that emphasizes interdisciplinary study also promotes self-reliance, leadership and team skills.

  • Take both of the following core courses:
    • GLS 250: Introduction to International Studies
      The introductory course for the Global Studies major surveys international issues in science/technology, policy development, culture and political economy.
    • GLS 251: Dimensions of Globalization: Language, Literature, and Culture
      This course explores literary, artistic, philosophical, and critical approaches to major topics in Global Studies, examining questions such as: What affects the terms and outcomes of cultural encounters? How are values and beliefs defined and transformed? What do writing, translation, literature, and other areas studied in the humanities teach us about global studies? What doors open when a person can study a language deeply?
  • Pick your concentration from 1 of 4 themed areas. More information about these areas is listed in the next tab.
  • Choose a geographic or cultural region to study. Examples include: Sub-Saharan Africa, Slavic Europe, East Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, the French Speaking World, Former European Colonies
  • Learn a language from the region you have chosen to the 6th semester proficiency level. Your academic advisor can help you select the appropriate language.

To discuss whether the Global Studies major is right for you and to learn details:

  • If you are a current UA student, or an incoming transfer or first-year student with a UA student ID, schedule your appointment online to speak with a CLAS Advisor. You will be prompted to complete an information session before booking your appointment.
  • If you do not yet have a UA student ID, complete this online information session and then call 520-621-7763 to set up an appointment.
Global Studies