CLAS Internships

Gain an Edge in your Career Search

An internship is a structured work experience designed to give a student the opportunity to experience a work setting in real time. It is an excellent way to prepare for career goals and/or graduate school plans. The training and practice, and hands-on experience provides an edge in the job market or the  graduate school application process. The Colleges of Letters, Arts and Science strongly encourage all General Studies and Global Studies majors to complete an internship while they are undergraduates.

Earning Credit for your Internship

LASC 393 and LASC 493 are Upper Division courses designed to provide academic credit at the time a student is engaged at an internship. The courses are open to all undergraduate majors. These units may be either elective credits or credits that apply to a major or minor.  Students must confirm with the advisor in their major how these credits apply in their program of study.


NOTE: The University does not allow granting credit after the fact, i.e., a student must be enrolled in the course during the time they are working at their internship.


Steps to Apply for the LASC 393/493 Internship Course


  • Secure the internship and confirm who the on-site supervisor will be
  • Go to the CLAS website.
  • Click on the Internships tab.
  • Complete the online information session and click "submit."
  • An email with the link to the online application will be sent immediately. (Check your spam folder if the email is not in your inbox.If the email is NOT received – email the Internship Coordinator immediately at
  • Complete the online applicationYou will receive email confirmation that your application has been submitted AND steps to complete the REQUIRED Risk/Release form. (Check your spam folder if the email is not in your inbox.) Complete and sign (handwritten signature required) the Risk/Release form, scan it and email to NOTE:  using a scanning app for your smartphone or tablet works well for this purpose

The department will enroll the student in the course when all of the above is complete. A final reminder: this is a standard UA course and it applies to the degree.  Regular tuition/fees are charged during fall, spring and summer terms.