Major Exploration Guide

Additional Resources for Major Exploration

Q: Are there any inventories I can take?

Yes. Inventories cannot tell you what to major in or what career suits you best, but most of the time inventories can help you confirm your self-understanding and can provide suggestions of areas to consider. Inventories can also help you learn more about different career fields, the skills they require, and the types of majors that help you develop those skills.

Career Services offers a number of inventories you can take that focus on interests, abilities, and values. AzCIS is one particular site that offers many inventories in one location. The Holland Code is a basic inventory that can be utilized on the Degree Search page to narrow down choices of major based on your highest-ranked code (see “Self Exploration” on the left).

The Career Development Certificate Program is an option that gives you structure, guidance, and information as you explore and solidify your professional plans.


Q: Are there any major exploration classes I can take?

Yes, talk to a CLAS advisor about LASC 197P: a graded, two-unit, online major exploration class offered in every academic session.


Q: Is there one centralized place to find all major options at the University of Arizona?

Yes, Degree Search is a searchable page where all majors and their respective emphases/concentrations are located. You can also narrow your search down by language and math requirements, Holland Code, and interests.


Q: Who should I talk to if I have a number of ideas (or no idea whatsoever?)

Advisors in CLAS are here to help you structure your major exploration process and think about your options in light of your academic strengths, interests, and values. The CLAS Academic Advising Center front desk handles all advising appointments. Call 520-621-7763 or stop by Bear Down Gym to schedule a one-hour major exploration appointment.

Major Exploration