Major Exploration Guide

The Importance of Career Planning

No matter what your major, career planning is a key part of preparing for life after graduation.

Employers will value your degree, but will often care more about your transferable skills than about your particular major.

Every major offers internship opportunities. You can also earn academic credit for internships through CLAS. (Note: these units may be elective or may apply to a major or minor; you must speak to an academic advisor in each major to find out how these units may apply toward your program of study.) For more on earning internship credit through CLAS, contact Sylvia Mioduski.

Among the most valued professional skills are excellent communication, strong research and analytical thinking, leadership abilities, computer competence, willingness to adapt, ability to manage time and juggle priorities, and the ability to get along with others. These are the types of skills you learn through any major and hone with part-time jobs, internships, volunteer work, and participation in clubs and organizations.

How do you get career experience? Career Services has terrific resources to help you.

Career Services also offers individualized career counseling to help you make and implement your career plans.

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