Medieval Studies Thematic Minor


Study the Middle Ages from many different perspectives and multiple departments across campus. Areas of study include literature, history, religion, art history music and more.

The minor must include no fewer than 18 units, of which a minimum of 9 units must be upper division.

Download the course list for the Medieval Studies Thematic Minor

Core Requirement–complete two of three:

  • GER/HIST 278 Medieval Answers to Modern Problems
  • HIST 405A Medieval Europe
  • ITAL 250A Italian Literature in Translation: The Middle Ages

Minor Elective courses–complete four:

  • AFAS 365 Ancient African Civilization
  • ANTH/AFAS 329 Cultures and Societies of Africa
  • ANTH/LAS/MAS 334A Mesoamerican Civilizations: Maya
  • ANTH/LAS/MAS 334B Mesoamerican Civilizations: Mexico
  • ANTH/AIS 346 Clovis to Coronado: Archaeology of the Southwest
  • ANTH/AFAS 426 Archaeology of Africa
  • ARH 201 Survey of Western Art in Society: Prehistory through Gothic
  • CHN/HIST 276 History of China
  • CHN/RELI 331 Taoist Traditions of China
  • CHN/HIST 475D Periods in Chinese History: New Empire: 750-1350 AD
  • CHN/HIST 475E Periods in Chinese History: Late Empire 1350-1800 AD
  • CLAS 220 Classical Tradition I
  • CLAS 221 Classical Tradition II
  • CLAS/RELI 306 The Emergence of Christianity
  • CLAS 311 Athens Through the Ages
  • CLAS 312 Rome and its Reception through the Ages
  • ENGL 231 Shakespeare’s Major Plays
  • ENGL 370A English Literature: From Old English to Renaissance Literature
  • ENGL 373A British and American Literature: Beowulf to 1660
  • ENGL/GER 425A Old English: Introduction to Language and Literature
  • ENGL/GER 425B Old English
  • ENGL 426 Medieval English Literature
  • ENGL 427 Chaucer
  • ENGL 431A Shakespeare
  • ENGL 431B Shakespeare
  • FREN 284 French Theater in Translation
  • GER/HIST 278 Medieval Answers to Modern Problems
  • GER 301 Voices Past and Present (you must consult with a faculty advisor about the applicability of this course)
  • GER 392 Medieval Study Tour
  • GER 412 Tales of Love (taught in German)
  • GER 450 Construction of Identity (taught in German)
  • HIST 117 History of England to 1603
  • HIST 207 Games and Play in Medieval & Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 310 The Black Death
  • HIST/JUS/RELI 370B History of the Jews: The Jew in the Medieval World (to the 17th Century)
  • HIST/CLAS 404B History of Rome: The Empire through the Reign of Constantine
  • HIST/RELI 405A Medieval Europe
  • HIST/RELI 407A Intellectual History of Medieval Europe: High Medieval Europe
  • HIST/RELI 409 The Reformation
  • HIST 414 Cultural History of Germany to 1714
  • HIST 421 History of Russia: Early Period
  • HIST/JUS/RELI 454 The Spanish Inquisition
  • HIST/SPAN 465A History of Spain: Classical/Medieval Span, Prehistory to 1100AD
  • HIST 465B History of Spain: Early Modern Spain, 1100 to 1700
  • HIST/MENA 472 History of Medieval India
  • HIST/CLAS/MENA/RELI History of Byzantium
  • ITAL 250A Italian Literature in Translation: The Middle Ages
  • ITAL 250B Italian Literature in Translation: The Renaissance
  • ITAL/RELI 431 The Divine Comedy by Dante
  • ITAL 496A Topics in Advanced Italian Studies
  • LAT 414 Medieval Latin
  • MENA/HIST/RELI 277A History of the Middle East
  • MUS 200Q/400Q Collegium Musicum
  • MUS 330A History of Western Music
  • MUS 430 Music in the Renaissance
  • MUS 435 Music in the Middle Ages
  • RELI 361 Celtic Spirituality
  • RSSS 399/499 Russian Medieval Literature
  • SPAN 400 Major Works in Spanish Literature
  • SPAN 430 Spanish Civilization
Medieval Studies Minor