CLAS Ambassador Gianna Nannini

CLAS Ambassador Gianna Nannini is a majoring in General Studies with a focus in Social Behavior and Human Understanding and plans to work at the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation after she graduates. She tells us some of her favorite things about her major and time at The University of Arizona.
What is the best thing about your major?
“The best thing about my major and CLAS in general is the flexibility when taking classes. I was able to take courses I was genuinely interested in.”
What is your favorite class so far?
“My favorite class here at UA was SERP 431 A and 431 B. I have come to find my love for ASL through the course of this class.”
What is Your favorite spot on campus and/or Tucson?
“My favorite spot on campus is the path between Park Ave and University. It is filled with trees and benches, which are usually in the shade. I find myself sitting there either relaxing or talking to friends on the phone. It is a place that is usually quite but gets some traffic once class ends.”
Favorite UA memory from your time at UA?
“I LOVE football actually all sports in general so attending a school with the largest student section in the Pac-12 was incredible. Being able to get decked out in red, sit in ZonaZoo and cheer with all of the other Wildcat fans will forever leave an impact in my life.”


  • General Studies


  • Social Behavior and Human Understanding