CLAS Student Ambassador: Janie Schwartz

The best thing about being a General Studies major for me and a main reason why I chose this major is to keep my options open. I explore and get to learn about all different areas of studies but can still focus my attention to certain fields that interest me more. I think this major can best suite anyone who has an understanding of what they like, but wants to explore lots of areas of interest.

My favorite spot on campus is probably University. I love how at all times, night or early in the morning there are always people roaming University Ave. Whether there are people outside the coffee shop or a gathering outside of Gentle Ben’s, University Ave always reminds me why I love the U of A.

I indeed have a dream job. This past summer I worked my first retail job at the Sunglass Hut at my local mall back home in New Jersey. I got the job not knowing anything about retail, the company or the product really. After the two months I spent working at the Sunglass Hut I realized how much fun working could be. I loved my team and the company I was working for. I realized after this experience I would love to continue working for such an amazing company, but on the corporate side of things. I have the retail experience under my belt; I can indeed sell the product now my goal is to sell for the company on a wider scale, behind the scenes.

My favorite memory over my whole UA career thus far was something that I was required to do for a Psychology class I was taking. It was a beginner course that I took as a freshman. It was an online class but there was a participation aspect to your final grade. Students were required to sign up for several psych tests where your anonymously took short exams to record measly skills. I loved gaining my credit this way, it was interactive and direct involvement with case studies was cool to participate in, I felt like I was helping.

I am considering a semester or summer abroad through the U of A. I am a junior now and would like to go abroad during my time at college. It saddens me to think of losing a semester here at the U of A but I know going abroad is a fabulous and once in a lifetime opportunity. I think going abroad, traveling a country foreign and new to me would be a great experience and a resume booster! I am very interested in doing such a thing and hope I get the chance to go abroad either next semester, this summer or in the beginning of my senior year.

Something I wish I knew about this major before entering is how extremely diverse it is. I joined the major because of its diversity but as I grow in the major I actually see how many classes are available to me. It is important to pull a theme together with all your classes so you do not feel overwhelmed or lost in information that isn’t of interest to you.

I honestly love the CLAS department and all the staff have been so overwhelming helpful to me. I have been in CLAS since I applied as a freshman and decided to be a General Studies major to stay with the college. I love the staff and all the personal time I am able to have with advisors.



  • General Studies


  • Social Behavior and Human Understanding