General Studies Student: Aden Zurita

My major is General Studies with an emphasis in Arts Media and Entertainment. In the BGS major, you get to choose from a list of classes in many colleges at the university that offers their classes to BGS students.

I like all of my classes so far. In fact, I loved all of them. The reason why I loved every single class that I took in my major, was having the opportunity to broaden my horizons as an individual, as a student, as an artist, and of course, as an entertainer, something that will definitely be useful in my prospective career in entertainment.

In the fall semester of 2013, I was a Script Supervisor for UFO (University Filmmakers Organization). I was responsible for revising the script for continuity as well as collaborating with the director and other crewmembers on set for the movie, “Beyond The Shore.”

I have many dream jobs in mind. I want to direct, I want to produce, I want to write, I want to cast, I want to host, I even want to act. I have SO many ambitions lined up I don’t know where to start. One thing is for sure. I want to do all these things in entertainment.    

A memory that I have in from a course is getting to elaborate on my ideas for a screenplay that I’m about to wrap up soon as a Capstone project a screenplay about my academic journey towards a higher education, a journey that exposes my ups and downs in my academic life in collaboration with my own personal life. The faculty advisor overseeing my project is Dr. Barbara McKean - she’s great. I love how she gives honest, helpful, and insightful feedback that helps shape the route, thoughts, and direction of my screenwriting. With her, I got the chance to test my potential as a writer, and all I can say is… though I have doubts about my ideas, I have faith in them at the same time; I can’t wait to use them in the entertainment industry. I thank her to the utmost

If you want to try out at least four or more disciplines, switch to this major. It can offer you a true, broad, multidisciplinary education. The BGS major offers the opportunity to take courses from a variety of disciplines.


  • General Studies


  • Arts, Media, and Entertainment