CLAS Ambassador Laura Moedano

CLAS ambassador Laura Moedano is majoring in Global Studies with concentration in Global Health and Development. She also has a second major in Philosophy. She shares some advice for new students and what rule she would institute if she were in charge of UA for a day.
What advice would you give new students?
“My biggest advice would be to start out slowly. Regardless of how well you did and how easy high school was for you, and how much you think college will be the same, it won’t. College is hard and the reality is that the transition will be difficult.”
If you were in charge for a day, what rule would you institute at UA?
“If I was in charge for a day and could institute a rule permanently, I would say that every student has to take at least one semester of physical education. In order to help students fulfill this requirement there should be a selection of 1 credit courses offered and these should include a wide range of popular sports but also “outdoor adventure” type courses like hiking and rock climbing.”



  • Global Studies


  • Global Health and Development