CLAS Student Ambassador: Es Teran

What made you choose your CLAS major?

I became interested in Global Studies after speaking with one of my professors who was familiarized with the program. I liked the fact that you could apply your findings through your focus area and essentially become a subject matter expert in the studied region.

What unique opportunities did this major offer you?

A major in Global Studies offer the advantage of an interdisciplinary experience with the fundamentals of a well structured major. My major specifically allows me to take courses that are related to political science, economics, anthropology and history. It is also one of the few major offered by the University of Arizona that allows “double dipping” in regards to classes, making it easier to peruse a second major. In fact, a second major is strongly encouraged for Global Studies students, and this allows us to become a competitive well-developed student.

If your major has a concentration or a focus what is that and why did you choose it?

I chose Global Political Economy and Development since I felt the program had the perfect combination in politics and economic themes. It also provided me a better perspective towards development especially in underdeveloped nations.

What do you plan on pursuing after graduation?

I plan on attending Law School after graduation and open an Non-governmental Organization in Latin America to help start a microloan program in rural communities or immigration counseling.

Are you involved in any extracurricular activities? If so, what are they and how are they contributing to your college experience?

Yes, I am involved with ASUA’s senate and Spring Fling. I am also involved with Arizona Students’ Association were we advocate for students from the three universities in Arizona to ensure higher education remains affordable and accessible.

Will you be studying abroad? If so, where are you going and what are you looking forward to?

Yes, I will be traveling to Cuba in the summer of 2013. I am interested to see how a nation that is limited to a global market continues to develop economically. I am interested in the everyday struggles of the local population, and get a better understanding in how the government currently operates.


  • Global Studies


  • Global Political Economy & Development

Regional Focus: 

  • Latin America