Pulse Cat Ambassador: Jacquline (Jackie) J. Ramirez

Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Major: Psychology

Year: Senior

What advice would you give to undergraduate student preparing for the health professions?

Stay positive and appreciate the little things life has to offer. The process for applying is long, the process is competitive, undergraduate classes can get overwhelming and personal/social life still makes noise in the background. The best you can do for yourself throughout this whole experience is to be positive, appreciate the little things that make you happy and not let anything muffle out your dream to work in the health professions. You'll have your highs, and you'll have your lows. But at the end of the day keeping your head up and thinking about living out your dream is worth it.

What Health Professions are you interested in pursuing?

I'm still trying to decide. I have interests in pediatrics, anesthesiology, plastic surgery and possibly dentistry.

What has been your BEST experience at UA?

Not to sound cliche, but the whole experience has been wonderful. Being a first generation student, getting the opportunity to get an education and be able to pursue what I want is the BEST experience the UA has given me. The UA has provided me the best experience of letting me express my academic talents and helps me motivate my family that college is all worth it.

What hidden treasure have you found campus?

The hidden treasure here on campus is the Pre-Health Professions office. A lot of people do not know it exist and a lot of people do not know what resources they provide. Not to mention, the wonderful ladies that not only advise but know what steps must be taken in order to successfully apply to the health professions.

So if you're a student that wants to get into the health profession, these ladies know their stuff and give you that extra motivation; provide you with the necessary resources;  and most importantly, they don't tell you "no" or put you down or make you doubt youself-- even though the field is competive. They are there to work with you and at whatever level you're at. Whether are you a competive applicant or not.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully working as a doctor in pediactrics, or standing next to a plastic surgeon doing operations.

I also see myself giving backand providing to my family since they have given me sooooo much support.

Also, to communities that have helped me succeed like the education office over in Pascua and the UA. I have seen a lot of people put effort into helping me achieve my goals and I would want to give back any way possible for everything they have done.

How has your experience been as a PULSE CAT Ambassador?

My best experience was the recruiting events. I enjoyed all the questions the high schoolers had and I enjoyed being able to provide the answers to all those questions, and also hyping them up for attending college.

Being a first generation college student, I had many of those questions but didn't know who to turn to or who to talk to because hearing "no" was the last thing I wanted to experience. To me, it was hard enough going to college when I had a job waiting on the reservation for me so hearing someone put me down wasn't something that would've been helpful.

When I came to the UA, I had to play catch-up with all the other pre-health professions students that already knew what it took to become competitive and how to apply. So at these recruiting events, the best experience was providing those answers so the students didn't have to play catch-up like I did and wouldn't have to experience all the wrath of other competitors looking to get an upper hand or looking to put doubt in you.

What do you like to do when you have down time?

When I finally get some "Jackie time," I like to hang out with family (primarily mess around and joke and make them laugh), hang out with friends, listen to music, play the guitar and occasionally play sports.

But I must admit, sometime I just want to be left alone haha.

Who has been a major influence in your life and why?

Oh wow! I am going to tear up answering this one.  If I'm not already.

For me, I have had a lot of influence from many people throughout my life. My dad and my aunt, who passed away when I was young, both helped people and were well known in the community and being at the funerals and still hearing people today talk about how much they did has influenced me to be a good person.

All my family members who had bad experiences when they were hospitalized made me feel like I want to be a doctor since I can do a better job and treat people better given their health wasn't good. Seeing all the doctors not care influences me to not treat people that way not or even when I accomplish my goals.

The most important influence comes from my siblings: Tati, Toy and Diego. Despite everything my sisters and I have been through, they have influenced me to never give up. We never had it the best but they've taught me so much from how important family and siblings are to what a family is. They have always bent over backwards for me; they have always motivated me to keep going; they're always expressing how proud of me they are; whenever I needed someone in a low time they were there. They taught me to be independent, have pride and do what you have to do to make my dreams become reality. Yeah life is hard and we didn't get the best plate, but looking for handouts isn't worth it so I got to be diligent to get places. Overall, my sisters have just done everything and I couldn't do enough to pay them back. And not to forget my little brother. He influenced me to keep going and be strong. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be in college right now. He made me want to show him college is worth it and to never give up your dreams no matter what life throws at you or no matter if the odds are against you.

But above all, I gotta say my mom and brother Joaquin are big influences. After all the stuff they've put me through and all the lows I've had because of them they have influenced me to be resilient. Had it not been for them having me experience the worst of the worst from the people I'm supposed to be closest to, then I wouldn't know how to be resilient. I wouldn't have ever learned how to pick myself up and be independent and give back to those that struggle. I would've never learned to show-up someone who doubts me and thinks that I can't do something. Had they not given me the motivation to prove them wrong and find my way out of a hole then I wouldn't be motivated to pursue my dreams, help others, treat people good and just be happy with who I am regardless of anyone's opinions.




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