Pulse Cat Ambassador: Ryan Nussbaum

Hometown: Gibsonia, PA (right outside of Pittsburgh!)

Major: Psychology in the Honors Program

Year: Senior

What advice would you give to undergraduate student preparing for the health professions?

1. Do not attempt this process by yourself!  Utilize resources such as the Pre-Health Professions Advising Center to help set up a plan so that you will achieve your goal. 

2. Gather as much information as you can about your profession.  You can never ask enough questions! 

3.  Strive for a profession you are passionate about!  Chemistry Professor Dr. Wayne Wesolowski tells his students “Do what makes your heart sing!”

What Health Professions are you interested in pursuing?

Currently, my interests involve primary care positions including family medicine and pediatrics.  With a passion for athletics, I plan on completing a sports medicine fellowship as well.  A few primary goals involve becoming an impactful contributor towards the research regarding concussions in athletics, becoming a team physician for a collegiate or professional program, and devoting time to free clinics in underserved areas.

What has been your BEST experience at UA?

My best experience at the U of A has been contributing as a student manager for the baseball team.  During the last four years, I learned about the game from one of the best coaches in baseball, Andy Lopez.  Additionally, Coach Lopez epitomizes developing men with great integrity who possess a set of characteristics that will prepare them for the challenges of life.  Also, I can’t say enough about the relationships and lessons I learned from the people involved with the program.  This experience has helped me grow as a person immeasurably. 

What hidden treasure have you found campus?

The fifth floor on the science-engineering library has been my go-to place for studying over the last four years, and it has never let me down.  The noise remains at a minimum and the lighting does not let you become drowsy.  It’s a study paradise. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself as a man who makes a positive impact on his community.  I will be serving my community by practicing medicine, while also serving an athletic organization as their team physician.  I will make an emphasis of devoting my time to underserved health populations by either participating in free clinics or providing information/mentorship for the youth about entering the health profession.  Also, I envision myself experiencing a great relationship with my wife as we do our best to help our children grow.

How has your experience been as a PULSE CAT Ambassador?

My experience has been tremendous, because I can give back to the Pre-Health Advising team that played a crucial role in helping me earn a position in medical school.  Through the various outreach opportunities, I enjoy urging the students to take advantage of this great resource to help guide them on their journey into medicine.  Additionally, interacting with the advisors on a consistent basis has expanded my knowledge about preparing for large events, techniques on marketing information, and staying proficient about the always evolving medical school application process. 

What do you like to do when you have down time?

I enjoy staying active during down time by swimming, boxing, playing baseball, and testing my physical strengths at the rec center.  As a spiritual man, I make an effort to enrich my faith by reading religious text and taking meditation walks.  Also, I possess a strong passion for cheering on the Pittsburgh Steeler/Penguins/Pirates.  Last but not least, you cannot beat spending time with my brothers Andrew and Paul.

Who has been a major influence in your life and why

I cannot express how grateful I feel for the influence my father Dr. Paul Nussbaum Ph.D. and mother Kimberly Nussbaum had and currently have on my development as a person.  Most importantly, they demonstrate constant support and always have time for talking.  My Dad has instilled characteristics in me such as being a strong leader, the importance of work ethic, making family a top priority, cheering on the Steelers, mental toughness and perseverance, and the importance of seeking out opportunities to improve.  My Mom cultivated my abilities of listening, serving others in unselfish ways, expressing love to others, finding time to laugh, the positive influence of a smile, and appreciating the arts. 


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