Daniel Gonzales

Academic Advisor
Advises A, L, & Y
Bear Down Gym

Daniel Gonzales is an Academic Advisor with the Colleges of Letters, Arts, and Science Academic Advising Center.  Daniel has served in an advisor role for the last 11 years, including appointments at Wayne State College, and The University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Daniel received his undergraduate degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 1997, and his M.Ed from the University of Nebraska in 2005.  Daniel is particularly interested in the concept of “resiliency”, and plans on continuing his education is search of how this concept manifests in individuals.  Daniel has had the opportunity to speak to thousands of high school and college students at various leadership conferences on this topic.  In his leisure time, Daniel has been a DJ for 20 years, and also enjoys playing his guitar, writing music, singing, and fitness.


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