Current Students

Meeting with Us - How and When to Schedule an Appointment

If you are a current student or will begin attendance in the upcoming semester and have registered for classes, you may make an appointment to meet with a pre-health advisor whenever you have questions.  We recommend that you meet with us starting in your first semester at The University of Arizona and once a semester thereafter. 

To schedule an appointment, use the link in the menu box on the left for directions.  BEFORE you meet with us, you must complete the General Information Workshop.  Why?  Virtually everyone interested in preparing for application to a graduate level health professional program should have some fundamental information about the process.  It may also help to know where this information is located so that you can refer to it as needed.  This way, we can focus on your particular questions and topics that will most benefit you during our meeting time.

Courses We Offer

Learn about the courses we offer including a one-unit colloquim on "Exploring Careers in the Health Professions" primarily for freshman and sophomores.  We also offer internships in various clinical settings and in partnership with local hospitals as well as in other countries.

Other resources you'll find helpful are the daily updates you will find on our Facebook page (link below or) at  If you "Like Us" you'll automatically receive information about club meetings, topics of interest in health care, resources, opportunities available to you and more.

Choosing a Major

Probably the most common question we get is what's the best major? The answer is not as simple as you might think.  Here's a page that explains some of the factors to consider as you are choosing-or confirming-the right major for you

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