Make an Appointment

BEFORE scheduling an appointment to meet with a Pre-Health Professions Advisor, you will need to register for our services by completing our online Pre-Health Information Session Your registration is not complete until you submit the worksheet at the end of the workshop.

Scheduling of appointments is handled either through our online scheduler or by the folks at our main reception desk in the Colleges of Letters, Arts, and Science.  The three ways to arrange an appointment are:

  • Use our online scheduler
  • Call the main number: 520-621-7763, or
  • Stop by the CLAS Academic Advising Center front desk in Bear Down Gym, main entrance, just inside the doors toward the left

Be sure to select a "pre-health" appointment or mention mention you want to meet with a pre-health advisor if you schedule in person or by phone.  While there is an option to schedule a phone appointment, if you are in town, please schedule an in-person meeting.

If you email an advisor directly requesting an appointment, you will receive a response directing you to call or stop by our reception desk at the Academic Advising Center for the Colleges of Letters, Arts, and Science in Bear Down Gym.

Pre-Health Professions