Pre-Health Classes and Internships

LASC 195A - Exploring Careers in the Health Professions

This one-unit colloquium class is offered both fall and spring semesters for freshmen and sophomores who are considering a career in the Health Professions, but may not be aware of the wide variety of career paths there are in the health care industry.  It would also be a good choice for students who are deciding among different career paths since the course requires evaluating one's own skills and values as students explore 25 different health careers.  Students may register for this course during regular open registration times.  Juniors and Seniors will need special permission to take this course.

LASC 393 - Internship

The Pre-Health Professions Advising Center offers internships at community organizations and hospitals as well as through the Global MedCats Study Abroad programs in Spain and Costa Rica to help pre-health students gain valuable clinical experience. 

A newly developed internship opportunity is our Patient Experience Internship partnering with Banner-University Medical Center where enrolled students interact with patients toward the goal of improving patient experience in both in-patient and emergency department settings. Speak with your pre-health advisor for more information!


Pre-Health Professions