Preparing for a Career as a Pharmacist

Academic Requirements

Requirements vary widely by school so it is important to look at the requirements of programs you are considering to be sure you include those courses in your academic career at The University of Arizona.

Requirement General Description UA Course Numbers
Biology Introductory Biology for Science Majors 8 cr. (with lab)

MCB 181R & 181L

ECOL 182 R & 182L

General Chemistry Introductory/Inorganic Chemistry for Science Majors 8 cr. (with lab)

CHEM 151 or 141/143

CHEM 152 or 142/144

Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry 8 cr. (with lab)

CHEM 241A & 243A

CHEM 241B & 243B

Anatomy/ Physiology Anatomy & Physiology 8 cr. (with lab) PSIO 201 & PSIO 202
Microbiology Microbiology 4 cr. (with lab) MIC 205A & 205L
Mathematics Most Schools Require Calculus & Statistics 6-7 cr.

Math 113 or 122a/122b

Math 263 (biostatistics)

Physics Algebra or Calculus-Based Physics 4 cr. (with lab)

PHYS 102 & 181

(other levels of Physics may fulfill the requirement as well)

Economics Introductory Macro or Micro Economics 3 cr. ECON 200
Public Speaking Public Speaking/Speech 3 cr.

COMM 119 (usually reserved for majors/minors

- may be taken at a community college)

Possible Additional

Biochemistry, Social/Behavioral Sciences, Humanities, English

See your pre-health advisor for details and

research schools to which you plan to apply.

Here are some links to sites that will give you further information about a career in pharmacy and how to prepare for admission to pharmacy school:

  • The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) has a section of its web site to answer this question: "Is Pharmacy for You?"
  • The AACP also now has a new website to explore careers in Pharmacy called Pharmacy for Me.
  • PharmCAS is the centralized application service for most Pharmacy programs (although UA has a separate application).  Look under "Preparing to Apply."
  • To find out specific requirements for the programs you plan to apply to, here's a resource, also from Pharmcas:  Pharmacy School Admission Requirements.  Also from that page you can find a publication with more detailed information about the pharmacy programs.
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