The Undecided Major

Decide on a Major

How to declare a major at the University of Arizona depends on the major.

For some you need to complete an information session and then schedule an appointment with an advisor. For others, you only need to schedule an appointment with an advisor. To find out what you need to do for the major you are interested in declaring visit the Advising Resource Center Academic Advisor Directory.

Here you can click on Advisors by Major. Each major page includes:

  • Procedures for scheduling an advising appointment
  • Procedures for declaring a major and/or minor
  • A Program Guide which is a sample schedule of courses.

You can also explore Advisors by College if you want to learn about the majors offered in each college. 


Undecided Student Spotlight

Nicki Dahl

How does being undecided allow you the freedom to explore majors? Being undecided allows me the freedom to explore other majors because I am able to take a variety of general education courses in subjects that satisfy my interests.  By taking these courses, I can then decide which subjects I may...