The Undecided Major

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Meet Your Major Fair

Every fall semester the Colleges of Letters, Arts, and Science hosts an event called the Meet Your Major Fair. This event showcases all the majors on campus in one place. You will be able to collect information, ask questions, and explore majors you might not have known existed. Representatives from the majors will be available to answer questions about the courses you might take, student clubs you could join, and career opportunities available for each major. The Meet Your Major Fair is a great place to start the process of choosing the right major.

Enroll in one of the Colleges of Letters, Arts, and Science courses designed for Undecided majors.

Success Starts Here – LASC 197M, 1 unit
This online course is designed to provide practical application of current research about college transition strategies. These strategies increase the likelihood of successful integration into the university's academic community. Course themes and activities focus on: decision-making, motivation and goal-setting; developing relationships with faculty, advisers and other students; identifying and practicing critical academic skills particularly time management; and learning about and applying essential university policies and procedures. Learning in this class involves the exchange of ideas and practical methods, skills, and principles.

Major Exploration Workshop – LASC 197P, 2 units
This course is for undecided students beginning their third semester at UA who are motivated to work on deciding on a major. Students are guided through the process of self and major exploration. Interests, values, and personality inventories, as well as major exploration exercises and journal-writing are utilized to assist students in clarifying their strengths, values, decision-making style and educational goals. The goal is for students to have the tools and knowledge necessary to make a good decision about their major by the end of the semester.

Schedule a Major Exploration appointment

  • All of the academic advisors in the Colleges of Letters, Arts, and Science are available to assist you with major exploration. In these one-hour appointments they will ask you questions about your interests, skills, and values to find the right fit for you. To schedule an appointment call 520-621-7763 or stop by the front desk in Bear Down Gym.
  • Start the major exploration process online by visiting our major exploration resources.

Undecided Student Spotlight

Nicki Dahl

How does being undecided allow you the freedom to explore majors? Being undecided allows me the freedom to explore other majors because I am able to take a variety of general education courses in subjects that satisfy my interests.  By taking these courses, I can then decide which subjects I may...