Students seeking to explore multidisciplinary, global, and pre-professional educational opportunities at the University of Arizona will find the perfect home in CLAS, which provides cutting-edge undergraduate degrees as well as a range of advising services.

CLAS is training the next generation of undergraduate students by drawing on the strengths of each of the four colleges and the multidisciplinary ethos of our larger collaborative effort.

As the University of Arizona continues to expand its multidisciplinary efforts and its global reach, CLAS will adapt its offerings to meet the needs of the 21st century student.


College of Letters, Arts & Science

Flexible Majors

General Studies? Global Studies? Find out which CLAS major is right for you. MORE »

Pre-Health Advising

Pursue a health profession with the help of CLAS advisors. MORE »

Pre-Law Advising

Gain information and helpful resources on the law school admission process. MORE »

Major Exploration

Undecided? Let CLAS help you make your decision. MORE »

Internship Credit

Obtain valuable work experience alongside your degree program with an internship. MORE »

Student Ambassadors

Represent CLAS and share your experience with others while improving your communication and leadership skills. MORE » 


Upcoming Events

Friday, March 3, 2017
Summer is a great time to gain clinical experience!  Be part of a team helping patients have positive experiences in their hospital stays as part of the Patient Experience Summer Internship at Banner-UMC.  You may earn between 90 and 120 patient contact hours, write reflectively and receive feedback on your writing so that you can develop the type of writing skills you need as an applicant to...
Thursday, March 9, 2017
Studying the arts means putting your whole self into creation; it can also mean constantly dodging questions about how you're going to earn money in the arts.  Majoring in the arts doesn't mean a job as a professor or starving artist. It can mean marketing, business administration, publishing, media, etc. But how do you get there? What is the difference between a major and marketable skills? How...