LAS 460: Film and Feminism in Latin America

This course explores the relationship between film and feminism in Latin America. What can films teach us about gender and its intersection with class, race, sexuality, politics, and place in Latin America? How do Latin American women filmmakers express unique points of view on gender relations in society, thus contributing to the production of feminisms? What makes a film feminist? What are the experiences of women filmmakers in an industry dominated by men? 

To address these central questions, we will critically evaluate films from a feminist and film studies perspective. We will contextualize films in the historical context of Latin American societies and cinema, with a particular emphasis on films directed by women in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, and Peru. We will screen films across various genres to explore the following themes: revolution; dictatorships; Black, indigenous, and decolonial feminisms; motherhood; gendered violence; reproductive rights; and sexuality.

Course Credits