Agave Heritage Festival: Agave Roast & Learn at Mission Garden



8 a.m. to noon, April 20, 2024

Come experience an agave roast and learn about these plants’ many uses! Members of the Hualapai tribe will demonstrate their methods of roasting agave hearts, then share samples of this sweet, unique food. Talk to environmental and cultural organizations from around the region about agave’s unique uses, including how agave fiber can be used for ropes, shoes, and clothes. Experience a panel discussion about how agaves may make a comeback as a crop of the future. 

8am – 12pm | Explore Mission Garden and learn more about agave from our staff, volunteers, and partners

9am | The Future of Agave - Our panel will discuss how agave could be a drought-tolerant crop of the future – a source of not only food and drink, but also clothing, fuel, and more.

10:30am | Agave Roast with the Hualapai Tribe - Members of the Hualapai Tribe will describe their traditions and relationship to agave roasts, then open the roasting pit and share tastes with visitors. In contrast with the Hohokam agave (Agave murpheyi) that we have roasted at past events, our Hualapai guests will be demonstrating the use of Utah agave (Agave utahensis). They will also use a different style of roasting pit.

This event is free. 

CLAS is a proud co-sponsor of this year's Agave Heritage Festival.