Cinema Tucsón: Down the Rabbit Hole



7 to 9 p.m., May 22, 2024

Join us for the Cinema Tucsón film screening of Down the Rabbit Hole on Wednesday, May 22, starting at 7pm at the Fox Tucson Theatre.

A film by Manolo Caro. (Mexico, 2024, 102 min. In Spanish and English with English subtitles).

Immersed in opulence and culture, ten-year-old Tochtli revels in his eccentricities, from his love of hats and dictionaries to his fascination with samurais, guillotines, and all things French. Despite his lavish lifestyle, darkness looms over him due to his father's criminal pursuits. Yet, Yolcaut, portrayed by Manuel García Rulfo (renowned for his role as lawyer Mickey Haller in The Lincoln Lawyer), indulges his son’s every whim, even if it means acquiring an endangered Namibian pygmy hippo for his private zoo. 

Based on the celebrated debut novel by Mexican author Juan Pablo Villalobos and adapted by Academy Award winner Nicolás Giacobone (Birdman), Down the Rabbit Hole delves into the dichotomy of privilege and peril. Directed by acclaimed Mexican writer-filmmaker Manolo Caro, known for Tales of an Immoral CouplePerfect Strangers, and the popular series The House of Flowers, this satirical dramedy navigates the complexities of Tochtli's world with poignant precision, offering a compelling exploration of innocence and corruption within a realm of extravagance.

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The Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona is a proud sponsor of Cinema Tucsón. Funding is provided through the US Department of Education Title VI National Resource Centers program.