Nano Stern Sings Victor Jara

Nano Stern Concert Flyer


8 to 9:30 p.m., Oct. 12, 2023

Explore the history of Chilean music under social regimes in a powerful performance by powerhouse artist Nano Stern who weaves together indigenous, African, and European elements into a groundbreaking sound entirely his own. Don’t miss an unforgettable evening of musical virtuosity and poetic advocacy for social justice, exclusively at Hotel Congress.

Hailed by folk legend Joan Baez as “the best young Chilean songwriter of his generation,” Nano Stern’s artistry knows no bounds. With a masterful command of multiple instruments and languages, he brings a fresh and relevant perspective to his music. His closest companions on stage remain, simply, his guitar and staggering vocals.

As a political and outspoken activist, Nano Stern has crafted a unique musical language that blends the youthful exuberance of folk music with the depth of classical and jazz training, all infused with the powerful spirit of traditional Chilean revolutionary songs. There is a rare power and beauty to a Nano Stern performance. Don’t miss this chance to experience the magic of Nano Stern live on stage in an evening that transcends borders, languages, and cultures.

Click here to listen to Nano Stern.

Tickets available at:

  • Centennial Hall Box Office (1020 E University Blvd)
  • Hotel Congress Lobby (311 E Congress St)
  • Ticketmaster

Time: 8:00pm

Location: Hotel Congress Plaza