Alex Braithwaite

Melody S. Robidoux Foundation Fund Professor
Associate Director of SGPP
Alex Braithwaite

Social Sciences, 314C

My research addresses a series of related topics in the broad areas of international relations and conflict processes. This includes (1) the causes and contagion of violent and nonviolent conflict, including terrorism, protests, riots, civil war, and international wars; (2) patterns of forced migration; and (3) the use of systems of concentration camps as a form of repression. Each of these themes is investigated in a series of externally-funded grant projects completed or ongoing:

  • "Enhancing the Evidence for Humanitarian Action (EEHA) in the Face of Climate Change." (Collaborative research with Zack Guido, Corrie Hannah, Timothy Finan, Beth Tellman, Anna Josephson, & Jeff Michler; Funded by USAID's BHA, 2023-2024, $997,977).
  • "Concentration Camp Systems: Data Collection and Dissemination." (Collaborative research with Rachel Van Nostrand & Daniel Solomon; Funded by the National Science Foundation, 2022-2024, $362,328).
  • "Analyzing Migration Patterns from Central America Using Natural Language and Machine Learning." (Collaborative research with Javier Osorio [PI]; Funded by the US Dept. of Defense/Army Research Office, 2020-2023, $660,000).
  • "Refugee Flows and Instability." (Collaborative research with Faten Ghosn, Shane Johnson, Toby Davies, Michael Frith, Miranda Simon, & Tiffany Chu; Funded by the US Dept. of Defense/Army Research Office, 2017-2021, $1,391,214).
  • "ENFOLDing - Explaining, Modeling, and Forecasting Global Dynamics." (Collaborative research with Alan Wilson [PI], Michael Batty, Stephen Bishop, Sean Hanna, Shane Johnson, Pablo Mateos, Francesca Medda, Frank Smith, & Alasdair Turner; Funded by the UK Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council, 2010-2015, £2,510,409.
  • "Shades of Grey: Toward a Science of Intervention for Eliciting and Detecting Notable Behaviours." (Collaborative research with Matt Jones [PI], Ben Dalton, Dawn Eubanks, Lara Frumkin, Peter Fussey, David Howard, Marialena Nikolopodou, Alex Stedmon, Jack Tchang, & Aldert Vrij; Funded by the UK Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council, 2010-2013, £1,050,296). 
  • "Mapping the Structure of International Inequalities and the Poverty-Conflict Nexus." (Collaborative research with David Hudson & Niheer Dasandi; Funded by the UK Economic & Social Research Council, 2010-2012, £87,025).
  • "Territorial Motivations of Terrorist Organisations." (Research fellowship funded by The Airey Neave Trust, 2010-2012, £40,747). 
  • "Escaping the Territorial Trap: Mapping, Modeling, and Simulating Conflict Processes." (Apple Inc. Research & Technology Support (ARTS) Laureate, 2009, $30,000).