Ivan Olaciregui '06

Census Field Supervisor, U.S. Department of Commerce

"The degrees from the University of Arizona and especially at the Latin American Studies Center prepared me wholeheartedly in anticipating what to expect in any situation domestically or abroad."

Ivan Olaciregui graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in Political Science in 2002 and a BA in Latin American Studies with an emphasis in History, Politics, Spanish and and a BA in Latin American Studies with an emphasis in History, Politics, Spanish and Portuguese in 2004. After undergraduate studies under the guidance of faculty and under consultation with Dr. Raul Saba, Ivan enrolled into the MA in Latin American Studies in the Fall of 2004. Ivan graduated in December 2006 with an MA in Latin American Studies with an emphasis in History, Language, Reading & Culture (LRC). Job prospects were presented, and and Ivan accepted an appointment in 2007 with the Department of State, the Bureau of Consular Affairs at the Los Angeles Passport Field Office as an Adjudications Officer. Ivan worked as a subject matter expert in Citizenship Acquisition. After 4 years at the Los Angeles office Ivan was promoted to Headquarters in Washington DC in the capacity as a Senior Operations Officer in the Customer Service Relations Division. When there, Ivan excelled in offering excellent overall operational support on a National level to Upper Management, all 28 Passport Agencies/Field Offices, 7,500 passport acceptance facilities, and consulates and embassies throughout the world. After 5 years working for the Department of State in Washington DC, Ivan accepted a position with the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, at the Terrorist Screening Center in the Operations Unit in the Washington DC Field Office. He worked as a Senior Management and Program Analyst (MAPA) safeguarded National Security concerns as a logistical and law enforcement support analyst. After 2 years working for the FBI in the Headquarters Field Office, Ivan accepted a position working for the Department Commerce, in the Economics and Statistics Administration Department, in the Census Bureau office in the Northern Virginia Area. Ivan currently works as a Census Field Supervisor overseeing personnel and two counties in Northern Virginia for the Census 2020 field operations. Ivan also does freelance work and also currently works for the Joachim Group CPA’s and Consultants firm in Virginia as a Project Manager in the Audit division. At the firm Ivan offers his expertise in project management, working directly with the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Over the years Ivan has embraced change in environments and has a willingness to keep on learning and building on cultural differences that exist in the workplace and in the world.