Jeffrey C. Silvertooth

Associate Dean and Director, Economic Development & Extension
Professor, Plant Science
Professor, Global Change - GIDP
Professor, Arid Lands Resources Sciences - GIDP
Jeffrey C Silvertooth

Forbes Building, Room 36

Research Interests:  The research program is directed towards the development of crop production management strategies (primarily irrigated cotton and cantaloupes) that optimize the soil-plant system agronomically and economically, with full consideration of the short- and long-term impact of inputs environmentally. A study of the soil-plant relationships regarding nurtrients essential to cotton and cantaloupes is an important part of the program.  Salinity and sodicity management in agricultural soils is an important part of the program.  The overall goal, by interacting with other programs, is to reduce the level of inputs such as pesticides, fertilizers, and irrigation water, and maintain profitability and sustainability in both the short- and long-term agricultural production systems in the desert Southwest.