Susan Lobo

UA Associate, American Indian Studies Program

Susan Lobo received her Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Arizona, Tucson, in l977.

From January l984 to the present, she has worked as an independent practicing anthropologist.

She has also taught at the University of California, Berkeley, where she was the coordinator of the Center for Latin American Studies, and at the University of California, Davis. Her research interests are in indigenous peoples worldwide, including urbanization, modernization, migration, and community development; American Indians with a focus on contemporary issues, urbanization, and social change; and current issues in Native American Studies as an academic field of study. Trained as a cultural anthropologist, Dr. Lobo has also served as a consultant emphasizing research, advocacy, project design and evaluation, working primarily for American Indian tribes, and community-based NGOs in the United States and Central and South America. Dr. Lobo's books include Urban Voices: the Bay Area American Indian CommunityAmerican Indians and the Urban ExperienceNative American Voices: a ReaderA House of My Own: Social Organization in the Squatter Settlements of Lima Peru and The Sweet Smell of Home: the Life and Art of Leonard F. Chana. She has also published numerous articles in American Indian Culture and Research JournalNative PeoplesAmerican Indian QuarterlyMesoAmericaNews from Native California, and many others.