Wilson de Lima Silva

Assistant Professor, Linguistics

I'm an Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics. I direct the M.A. Program in Native American Languages & Linguistics (also known as NAMA). I'm a field linguist with formal training in theoretical linguistics and language documentation & revitalization. I conduct research in the Desano and Siriano; two endangered Eastern Tukanoan languages spoken in the Vaupés Region of Brazil and Colombia. More recently, I began to collaborate (with Dr. Scott AnderBois) in the documentation and maintenance of A'ingae (also known as Cofán), an isolate language spoken in Ecuador.

My current research agenda consists of two primary elements. The first focuses on the Desano and Siriano languages, two closely-related languages, and involves several components, including the description of several aspects of the grammar of these languages. The second consists of exploring new methodologies for endangered language documentation and revitalization/conservation, including the training of students and community members in research activities focusing on language revitalization and conservation.