Independent Contractors

Find guidelines for working with and paying independent contractors.

Quick Overview

Procedures For Payment

  • Business Manager must be notified prior to the rendering of service(s).
  • Fill out a W-9 Form in blue ink.
  • Fill out an Independent Contractor Form in blue ink.
  • May need to provide an invoice depending on the service(s) rendered.

For More Information

Jeanette Albert
Marshall Building Business Office

Who Are Considered Independent Contractors?

Any individual who is not a University Employee, University Student, or retains a Campus Colleague status will require one of the following payments:

  • Guest Lecturer Fee payments or Guest Lecturer Expenses
  • Guest Lecturer Honorarium
  • Research Services Fees payable to an individual (not a company)
  • Book Review, Editing, or Publishing Fees payable to an individual (not a company)
  • Contracting Serves Fee payable to a specific individual

Procedures For Payment

  • Business Manager must be notified of the payment prior to the services rendered by the individual. This helps ensure that the individual can be paid and the account balance matches the expenses to be incurred.
  • In case of a guest speaker or any out-of-town contractor, please ask the individual to allow additional 15 minutes during the campus visit to set an appointment with the business manager for paperworks.
  • A W-9 Form must be filled out in blue ink. Only the original document will be accepted.
  • An Independent Contractor Form must be filled out in blue ink (Click under "I" and select "Independent Contracting Form"). Only original document will be accepted.
  • Guest Speaker Fees, Honorariums, and Researcher fees do not require invoices. All other services require an invoice with description of services rendered to be attached to these forms.

Additional Information

  • All of Part I of Independent Contractor Form must be filled out. If the individual has a family member working for the University of Arizona, the individual is subject to fill out a "Conflict of Interest Form".
  • Section I must be filled out regardless of the services performed.
  • Be aware that Section II must only have one section completed depending on the services performed. Filling all 3 sections will require the paperwork to be re-done and the payment will be delayed.

    • Section A for Guest Speakers and Honorariums
    • Section B for Researcher services
    • Section C for all other services, such as book editor, illustrator, etc.
  • Part II requires the signature of the Independent Contractor and date in blue ink.
  • Part III requires the signature of the faculty member for whom the services were rendered to in blue ink.

Information on Payment

Please make the Independent Contractor aware that the University can sometimes take between 3 to 4 weeks to process payments. All payments will be sent to the Independent Contractor based on the address they provided on the W-9 Form.