Travel Reimbursements

Find the information you need both before and after travel to get your expenses reimbursed.

Quick Overview

For Travel Authorization Form

Department Number: 0437
Department PO Box: 210076
Department Room: Marshall 343
Department Contact: Jeanette Albert
Contact Phone: 520-621-1112
Duty Post: Tucson, AZ

For More Information

Jeanette Albert
Marshall Building Business Office
(520) 621-1112

Pre-Travel Guidelines

Travel Authorization Form

  • Before booking your flight or travel, be sure to submit a travel authorization form with all the dates and destinations you will be traveling to. You can find "Travel Authorization Form" under "T" at the Financial Services Office website.
  • This form is to be signed and authorized by the Department Head or Business Manager at the bottom of the form and not by the traveler (you), except in the case of travel advances (see info below).
  • You are responsible for completing and submitting this form. The department will not submit this form on your behalf and is not held responsible for the reimbursement if the form was not submitted. All forms need to be submitted to the Business Center for appropriate signature approval.

Travel Advances

  • For travel advances the travel authorization must be completed no later than 2 weeks prior to departure date. No travel advances will be issued if submitted with less than 2 week notice under any circumstances.
  • Additionally, original receipts must be provided for a Travel Expense Report to the Business Center within 2 weeks of arrival at your destination. Failure to do so will result in your travel advances being withdrawn from your account.

For International Travel

  • All international travel require a minimum of 30 days notification.
  • In addition to submitting the Travel Authorization Form, you must register your trip through UA Global Travel Registry (Terradotta).

    • Terradotta registration will provide you with an "International Travel Registry Number" that you must fill in on the Travel Authorization Form.
    • You are responsible to complete and review the status of your travel on Terradotta. Make sure all information has been submitted correctly in the system, including the "Additional Questionnaire".
  • If you are traveling to a foreign country, be sure to verify if the country is a travel warning country. You can do so by visiting the U.S. Department of State's website on traveling abroad.
  • If your destination is a travel warning country, you must also submit additional forms, including:
    • Travel Authorization Form.
    • "Travel Supplemental Authorization Form for Travel Warning Areas" on UA Global Travel Registry (Terradotta).
    • Travel Registration on Terradotta, including the "Supplemental Questionnaire".

Booking Your Flights

If you would like for the department to pay for your flights in advance instead of reimbursement, please contact Herod Travel Services. You still need to have your Travel Authorization Form submitted and on file with the Business Center prior to booking your flights.

Your Per Diem and Hotel Allowance

  • Hotels cannot be paid via PCard. Before booking, make sure to know your maximum allowance for hotels under Financial Services Office's policy.
  • If your lodging is at the site of a conference then you are allowed to go over the maximum lodging allowance. However, documentation must be provided to verify that conference was at your hotel. Failure to adhere to Per Diem allowances will result in partial reimbursement for lodging.
  • Per Diem is not allocated on the bases of the days of travel but on the time of departure and arrival. For example if your travel starts at night, you will only receive Per Diem for dinner and not for all 3 meals of the day.

Post-Travel Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • If you requested a Travel Advance, you must submit all original receipts for a Travel Expense Report to the business center within 2 weeks of arrival at your destination. Failure to do so will result in your travel advances being withdrawn from your account.
  • If you are requesting a travel reimbursement, you have a 90 day period to submit your request. Post 90 day period, your reimbursement will be considered as "income" and thus subject to tax.

Reimbursing Meals

  • If you received Per Diem, no meal receipts are needed. Otherwise, you must keep your original receipts and itemize each of them. Failure to do so may result in reimbursement being denied by the Financial Services Office.
  • If it was a group travel, it is easier and preferable for each group member to pay for their own meals and submit reimbursement requests individually. Be sure to keep your original receipts.

Reimbursing Lodging

  • Under no circumstance should you pay for someone else's lodging. Financial Services Office will not reimburse you for purchases incurred on other's behalf.
  • Be sure to provide a lodging receipt and not an invoice. A receipt should contain the method of payment and/or say "Balance due $0.00" while an invoice will only state the cost of the rooms. Financial Services Office will not reimburse invoices.
  • Financial Services Office will only reimburse up to the maximum Per Diem lodging allowance. Only when your hotel was a site for a conference and documentation was provided would Financial Services Office allow payment exceeding the maximum Per Diem amount.

Reimbursing Transportation

Financial Services Office will reimburse only the basic transportation but not for any of the added fees or commodities. This includes charges for choosing seats, upgrades, or overweight luggages. The only time when the charge for overweight luggage would be permissible is if the faculty provides a signed memo stating the reason and how this was used for scholastic purposes in the conference/meeting.

Additional Travel Expenses

If additional travel expenses were made, be sure to provide the original receipts with an explanation of what they were and their purpose of purchase. Financial Services Office will not reimburse any alcohol, tobacco, or medical products purchased during your travel.