Dual M.A./J.D. in LAS/Law

Earn your M.A. Latin American Studies (M.A.) and a J.D. in Law (J.D.) in four years. This is an ideal option for students interested in going into immigration or human rights law.

Course Requirements

Students in this program typically take one year of graduate coursework in Latin American Studies (a minimum of 18 units) after their first year of coursework required for the J.D. The remaining units are completed along with their law courses in their third and fourth years in the program.

The Dual Degree in Law and Latin American Studies will be granted upon the completion of a minimum of 106 units in Law and Latin American Studies and related fields and by meeting the minimum Portuguese and Spanish language requirements.

Latin American Studies Requirements (36 units)

  • LAS 500: Introduction to Latin American Studies (3 units)
  • 12 units in primary discipline or thematic area (15 units if thesis option is not pursued)
  • 9 units international law courses
  • 3 units internship (Law Clinic)
  • 3 units for LAS 596a - Research Seminar
  • 6 units thesis (including 3 law units for substantial paper)
  • Language requirement met by Spanish 330 and Portuguese 305 or Spanish 251 and Portuguese 325 or equivalency exam

Juris Doctorate Requirements (85 units)

  • 30 units first year requirements
  • 9 units other requirements (Evidence, Legal Profession, and Substantial Paper)
  • 15 units for M.A. credit applied to J.D.
  • 9 units international law courses
  • 3 units Law Clinic (LAS internship)
  • 19 units other law electives

Contact Us

For questions, contact Colin Deeds (LAS) at colind@email.arizona.edu or Michael Brooks (Law) brooks@email.arizona.edu.