Dual M.A. LAS/Public Administration

Earn both a Masters in Public Administration and an M.A. Latin American Studies. This is an ideal option for students wishing to go into non-profit or public sector work with a focus on Latin America.

Course Requirements

Complete a minimum of 60 units in Public Administration and Latin American Studies and related fields to earn both degrees. You must also meet the minimum Portuguese and Spanish language requirements (see LAS M.A. requirements)

LAS Program Requirements (36 units)

  • 3 units for LAS 500: Introduction to Latin American Studies

  • 15 units in primary discipline or thematic area

  • 9 units public administration courses with assignments focusing on Latin America

  • Language requirement met by Spanish 330 and Portuguese 305 or Spanish 251 and Portuguese 325 or equivalency exam.

  • 6 units to be completed through:

    • 3 units for independent research with major paper focusing on Latin America or 3 units of elective LAS coursework

    • plus 3 units of internship, which can substitute for 3 units of the MPA internship.

MPA Joint Program Requirements (27 units)

  • 24 units of core courses

  • 3 units of Capstone (to be taken in final Spring semester)

Contact Us

For more information, contact Colin Deeds (LAS Director of Graduate Studies) colind@email.arizona.edu or Christina M. Inocencio (MPA Graduate Programs Manager) SBS-sgppmasters@email.arizona.edu