Central America

Comparing Texas and Latin America

Karen Deane Moore

This is a two week teaching unit to be worked into the framework of history classes. The unit involves comparing the kown Texas port city, Houston, with selected Latin American port cities. Students will compare the stereotypes of both Texans and Latin Americans, derive symbols for Houston and Latin American cities and compare statistical information in specified areas.

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Child Labor is Not Cheap

Amy Sander from Portland, Maine

Two lessons are included in this lengthy curriculum material that focuses on child labor and pushes students to discuss the factors behind the use of child labor, potential solutions and implications of those solutions. Email our Outreach Coordinator Clea Conlin at cconlin@email.arizona.edu for the full materials.

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Globalization in Latin America: Migration and Trade Patterns

In this lesson, students will gain an understanding of migration patterns within, to and from Latin America and the Caribbean. This lesson is about the length of 3 1 hour class periods and all materials are included.

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Core Regions and Distinctive Landscapes as an Alternative to Country by Country Descriptions

In this lesson, students will gain an understanding of using core regions and distinctive landscapes as an alternative to country by country descriptions.

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Patterns of Conquest: Spanish Rule in the America and Ottoman Rule in the Balkans

This is a teacher resource packet that gives readings and materials to be used when teaching about the relationship between Spanish Rule in Americas and Ottoman Rule in the Balkans. Email our Outreach Coordinator Clea Conlin at cconlin@email.arizona.edu for the full packet.

Latin American Revolutions

Tiffany Hollis-Cole

Students should be able to make a correlation between U.S. involvement in Latin America during the 1950's-1980's. Students should be able to identify key people, places and events with regard to Latin American Revolutions and American protest era movements.

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Perspectives on American Involvement in the Civil War in El Salvador

Eric Shapiro, The Masters School

Students will look at the history of U.S. involvement in El Salvador during the 1970's and 1980's. Their examination will consist of various readings from different perspectives on this topic. Readings and other sources will discuss U.S. military and economic support for the El Salvadoran government, especially under the Reagan administration (1981-1989). Group work will consist of choosing texts to examine, discussing the texts and presenting group findings to the class as a whole.

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United States-Ecuadorian Relations: Problems and Promises

This project seek to raise foreign policy questions that engage the student in two perspectives. The reading and activities in these lessons urge the student to view recent and contemporary affairs from both an Ecuadorian and an American (U.S.) point of view. In the process of assessing these differences, students will be exposed to a range of options in policy decision, and valuable background information concerning Ecuador.


Costa Rica, Monteverde

Diana Geis, Woodridge High School

Students will identify what they know about parks and then investigate National Park information from various Spanish speaking countries - including Monteverde in Costa Rica. Students will read about Costa Rica and learn new vocabulary to describe the geographical and biological elements of a rain forest. They will also recognize perspectives of living near a rain forest by reading interview of people who live in Costa Rica.

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Central America: An Introductory Lesson

Patrick Scallen

This lesson is designed to introduce students to several of these concepts through brief biographical sketches of figures in 20th century Central American history. Students will examine the role the United States played in the affairs of these smaller nations and how it has impacted Latino migration recently. There are two activities within this lesson, one about famous figures in Central American history ad the other is about US foreign policy and its impact on Latino immigration.

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