Central America

Afro-Central Americans: Rediscovering the African Heritage

Minority Rights Group International

This reading explores the deep cultural background of Central Americans, many of which have African Heritage. Black presence has been largely ignored in Central America and this report sheds light on that African heritage. A lot has been contested regarding what makes a Afro-Central American. email our Outreach Coordinator Clea Conlin at cconlin@email.arizona.edu for the report.

Paraguay: Sounds of Hope

Cari Ladd

In this lesson, students will examine how a music education program is being used in Paraguay to bring about positive social change. They will then predict how Paraguay's economy, politics and culture might be different in 20 years as a result of the program. For more background information on Paraguay and the vision for this music program,

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Nicaragua Quest: Teacher's Guide

This guide is a project-based learning experience designed to engage students in the politics, history and culture of Nicaragua through role-playing and discussion. The final product will be a group report reflecting the grown answer to the question: form an opinion on the Nicaraguan Sandinista Revolution.

Grade Level

Persistent Attitudes about Colonialism in Latin America

Lee Durham Stone, Hopskinville High School, Kentucky

In this lesson, students will demonstrate understanding of the colonial past in Latin America and how these are still issues today for both the former colonials and former colonists.

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Introduction and Stereotypes

Roger Thayer Stone, Tulane University

In this lesson, students will understand the concepts of stereotypes and ethnocentrism. After discussing their perceptions of Latin Americans and their environment, students will be encouraged to become familiar with the diversity of Latin America and thereby recognize stereotypes.

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