Foods of Latin America Project

Sam Heywood

Students will learn about different regional dishes in Latin America in groups and create a simple presentation to share what they learned with the class. This is a simpler version of the same lesson available for high school students. This is mainly a cultural lesson that can be used in a Spanish language class, but there are suggestions to incorporate Spanish language instruction throughout. This is highly adaptable and a great way to learn about Latin American cultures!

Grade Level

Resource Center of the Americas: Books for Spring 2001

Resource Center of the Americas

This resource lists curriculum resources and books to be used in the classroom. Most are for purchases but are categorized based on resources, curricula, grade school books, middle school books, high school books, books about Latinos and Latinas specifically, books about immigration and migration workers and books on the Caribbean. This list is great to look at as it gives the summary of each book.


Institutions that Offer Curriculum, Video and Audiovisual Materials

This guide is designed for teachers in the elementary and secondary levels who are interested in integrating Latin American studies into their curricula. This guide contains a list of institutions that offer curriculum and audiovisual materials, summer programs, workshops for teachers and much more.

Brazilian Carnaval Masks

Maria Garza-Lubeck

When celebrating Carnaval in Brazil, masks are worn by both rich and poor alike. This guide gives instructions for both simple and more complex face masks to be made. The simple mask is more suited for young children and the complex mask for older ages. This is a fun way to immerse yourself in celebrating the fun Brazilian festival!