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Title Author Date Attachments Tags
Inflation, Depression, Economic Recovery Virginia G. Gibbs Brazil_Economy_Inflation, Depression and Economic Recovery.pdf
A Ge Indian Creation Myth Virginia G. Gibbs Brazil_Language Arts_A Ge Indian Creation Myth.pdf
The Favelas of Rio: A Dramatization Virginia G. Gibbs Brazil_Social Studies_The Favelas of Rio.pdf
Bulletin Board Display: The Banana, From Guatemala to your Table Virginia G. Gibbs Central America_Social Studies_Bulletin Board Display of The Banana, From Guatemala to your table.pdf
People and Their Impact on the Environment Catherine Hall, Crane Middle School Ecuador_Social Studies_People and their Impact on the Environment_0.pdf
Mural on Post-Columbian Exchange Virginia G. Gibbs, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Latin America_Art_Mural on Post-Columbian Exchange.pdf
Mapping the Languages of Latin America Virginia G Gibbs, University of Wisconsin-Milkwaukee Latin America_Language Arts_Mapping the Languages of Latin America.pdf
Choices Pedro R. Bermudez and Barbara C. Cruz
Classroom "Tianguis" or Marketplace Virginia G. Gibbs Mexico_Food_Classroom Marketplace.pdf
Climate Change Mexico_STEM_Climate Change.pdf
A Description of Holidays in Peru Virginia G. Gibbs Peru_Culture_A Description of Holidays in Peru.pdf
The Inca Garcilaso's Description of Farming Virginia G. Gibbs Peru_Social Studies_The Inca Garcilaso's Description of Farming.pdf
Reading about and Modeling the Petroleum Route Virginia G. Gibbs Venezuela_Geography_Reading about and Modeling the Petroleum Route.pdf
Brazilian Carnaval Masks Maria Garza-Lubeck Brazil_Art_Carnaval Masks.pdf
Reading and Discussing the Role of Women in Slavery Virginia G. Gibbs Carribean_Social Studies_Reading and Discussing the Role of Women in Slavery_0.pdf
What role has the United States played in political and social changes in Haiti? Haiti_Social Studies_What role has the US played in political and social changes in Haiti.pdf
Introduction and Stereotypes Roger Thayer Stone, Tulane University Latin America_Social Studies_Introduction and Stereotypes.pdf
Weaving Gloria Contreras Mexico_Art_Weaving.pdf
Writing Corridos Stephen Gomez, Obdulia Gonzalez, Yolanda Garcia de Cruz, Armando Romero Mexico_Language Arts_Writing Corridos.doc
Afro-Central Americans: Rediscovering the African Heritage Minority Rights Group International
Ecuador Diversity and Contrast Unit Linda Sacco
El Corrido de la Adelita Lyrics El Corrido de la Adelita Lyrics.DOC
Institutions that Offer Curriculum, Video and Audiovisual Materials Institutions that Offer Curriculum, Video and Audiovisual Materials.pdf
Maps of Caribbean Latin America Today: An Atlas of Reproducible Pages, World Eagle, Inc. Maps of Caribbean.pdf
Situational Sacredness: Temporary Ritual Space and Authority in Ancient and Modern Honduras E. Christian Wells & Karla L. Davis Salazar, University of South Florida Situational Sacredness, Temporary Ritual Space and Authority in Ancient and Modern Honduras Research Report.pdf
Governor Castro Series: Labor Unrest in Cananea Sam Heywood Castro Mexico labor lesson upload.docx
Social Empowerment Through Non-Profit Arts Organization s in Brazil Maria Luisa Echavarria Brazil_Social Studies_Social Empowerment through Non-Profit Arts Organizations in Brazil.pdf
Retraidos Pedro R. Bermudez and Barbara C. Cruz Latin America_Social Studies_Retraidos.pdf
Taste Some Brazilian Foods Mennonite Central Committee Brazil_Food_Taste Some Brazilian Foods.pdf
Regions of Chile Using the 5 Themes of Geography Chile_Geography_Regions of Chile Using 5 Themes of Geography.pdf
Latin American Poets Latin America_Language Arts_Latin American Poets.docx
US-Mexico Board Game Mexico_Art_US-Mexico Board Game.pdf
History and Evolution of the Mariachi Richard R. Obregon Mexico_Music_History and Evolution of Mariachi.pdf
Danca! Movement and Music of Brazil Jessica Blackwood from the University of Washington Brazil_Music_Danca, Movement and Music of Brazil.pdf
Learn about a Salvadorian Craft Mennonite Central Committee El Salvador_Art_Learn about a Salvadoran Craft.pdf
Create a Creature Laura Candler Latin America_Art_Create a Creature.pdf
Mask Traditions of Mexico Dedos de Luna, Elementary Literature Series Mexico_Art_Mask Traditions of Mexico.pdf
Corridos and Story Writing Tracy Banker-Murtadza Mexico_Language Arts_Corridos and Story Writing.doc
Ada's Violin Curricular Resource Erin Lierl, Tulane University Paraguay_Language Arts_Ada's Violin Curricular Resource.pdf
Bolivia Family Relationships Teacher's Guide Latin American and Carribean Series
Human Geography and Brazil: More than Samba and the Rain Forest Mary K. Smith, Bedichek Middle School
The Gaucho Poem Martin Fierro Virginia G. Gibbs Argentina_Language Arts_The Gaucho Poem Martin Fierro.pdf
Writing an Amazon Explorer's Journal of Flora and Fauna Virginia G Gibbs Brazil_Environment_Writing an Amazon Explorers Journal of Flora and Fauna.pdf
Exploring Portugese Virginia G. Gibbs Brazil_Language Arts_Exploring Portugese.pdf
Brazil: Lost in the Rainforest Luke and James Vyner Brazil_STEM_Lost in the Rainforest Lesson Plan.pdf
On the Plains of Orinoco: Joropo Music in Colombia Rebekah L. Thompson, Pennsylvania State University Colombia_Music_On the Plains of Orinoco, Joropo Music in Colombia.pdf
Galapagos Islands: Beyond Darwin Ecuador_STEM_Galapagos Islands Beyond Darwin.docx
Preparing a Latin American Day Virginia G Gibbs Latin America_Art_Preparing a Latin American Day.pdf
A Mini-Organization of American States Virginia G. Gibbs Latin America_Social Studies_A Mini Organization of American States.pdf
Lost King of the Maya NOVA Latin America_STEM_Lost King of the Maya.pdf