Resources Table

Title Author Date Attachments Tags
The Fandango in Son Jarocho: The Community Tradition and Improvisation of Son Jarocho Mexico_Music_The Fandago in Son Jarocho.pdf
El Norte Pedro R. Bermudez and Barbara C. Cruz Latin America_Social Studies_El Norte.pdf
Drawing Amazon Life Brazil_Art_Drawing Amazon Life.docx
Haiti Teachers Guide and Lessons Carribean_History_Haiti Teachers Guide and Lessons.pdf
Treasures of the Palice Pavilion Foundation for Indigenous Art Latin America_Art_Treasures of the Palace Pavilion.pdf
Migajon Art Ofelia Sanchez Mexico_Art_Migajon Art (Bread Dough Recipes).pdf
Calling the Doves Lesson Plan Genesco Migrant Shelter Mexico_Language Arts_Calling the Doves Lesson Plan.pdf
Molas Maria Garza-Lubeck Panama_Art_Molas.pdf
Looking at Ecology and Culture through Stories: Ecuador Jillian Van Els Ecuador_Geography_Looking at Ecology and Culture through Stories.pdf
Fantastic Sculptures Mennonite Central Committee Haiti_Art_Making Fantastic Sculptures.pdf
Making Costumes Dedos de Luna, Elementary Literature Series Mexico_Art_Costumes.pdf
Taste Some Mexican Foods Mennonite Central Committee Mexico_Food_Taste Some Mexican Foods.pdf
The Fandango in Son Jarocho: The Community Tradition and Improvisation of Son Jarocho James Grunewald, Seattle Public Schools Mexico_Music_The Fandago in Son Jarocho_0.pdf
Migration Simulation Staff of Borderlinks and CLAS at University of Arizona
Exploring Fused Identity in Brazilian Culture Carrera
Learning and Using Proverbs Virginia G. Gibbs Argentina_Language Arts_Learning and Using Proverbs.pdf
Making a Floating City Virginia G. Gibbs Brazil_Art_Making a Floating City.pdf
Culture Close Up: Capoeira John Fernandez, Fort Worth Independent School District
Brazil: The Land of Happiness Brazil_Social Studies_Land of Happiness.pdf
Central American Activity Sheets Sally Fisk
Five Themes of Geography of Ecuador Susan Husiak, Whitehall District Schools
Seeking Asylum Lucia Nunez, Stanford University Guatemala_Social Studies_Seeking Asylum.pdf
Who Am I? Virginia G Gibbs Latin America_History_Who Am I.pdf
Traveling Latin America Latin America_Social Studies_Traveling Latin America.docx
Artes Americas: Student Activity Packet Amalia Hernandez Mexico_Culture_Artes Americas Student Activity Packet.pdf
Humane Borders v. Minutemen Sandra Suarez-Hairgrove Mexico_Social Studies_Humane Borders v Minutemen.doc
Silver People, Stories from the Panama Canal Kaela Thomasson-Pavao, Vanderbilt Center for Latin American Studies Panama_Social Studies_Silver People Stories from the Panama Canal Lesson Plan.pdf
Looking at Land Reform in Peru Virginia G. Gibbs Peru_Social Studies_Looking at Land Reform in Peru.pdf
A Demographer's Task Virginia G. Gibbs Venezuela_Geography_A Demographer's Task.pdf
Animals of Ecuador and Virginia Katherine Williams Ecuador_STEM_Animals of Ecuador and Virginia Unit.pdf
Diversity in the Caribbean: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching the Region Daniel Vinat, Florida International University Carribean_History_Diversity in the Carribean Unit (FIU).pdf
United States-Ecuadorian Relations: Problems and Promises Ecuador_History_U.S. and Ecuadorian Relations.pdf
Child Labor is Not Cheap Amy Sander from Portland, Maine
Modern Mexican Painting Neal Finer Mexico_Art History_Modern Mexican Painting.pdf
Fusion: Corridos to Nortec Arlene Hibben, Kelly Strachan Mexico_Language Arts_Corridos to Nortec.doc
Paraguay: Sounds of Hope Cari Ladd Paraguay_Music_Sounds of Hope.docx
Brazil's Changing Capitals: A Lesson in Site and Situation Melanie Schulze, New Braunfels High School
Central America in the 1980's Richard N. Adams Central America in the 1980's.pdf
Image of Peruvian Patterns Image of Peruvian Patterns.pdf
Map of 10 Countries in Latin America compared to the U.S. Latin America Today: An Atlas of Reproducible Pages, World Eagle, Inc. Map of 10 Countries in Latin America compared to US.pdf
Resource Center of the Americas: Books for Spring 2001 Resource Center of the Americas Resource Center of the Americas, Books for Spring 2001.pdf
Foods of Latin America: A Project Based Learning Experience Sam Heywood Latin American Foods Lesson
Mapping South America Mapping South America.pdf
Mental Cartography Pedro R. Bermudez and Barbara C. Cruz Latin America_Social Studies_Mental Cartography.pdf
Play Some Brazilian Games Mennonite Central Committee Brazil_Culture_Play Some Brazilian Games.pdf
About Central America Center for Latin American Studies at University of Arizona Central America_History_ About Central America_0.pdf
African Influences in Latin America Pamela T. Llorens Latin America_History_African Influences in Latin America.pdf
Murals Center for Latin American Studies at University of Arizona Mexico_Art_Murals.pdf
Son Joracho from Veracruz: Exploration of Music and Dance Forms Smithsonian Folkways Mexico_Music_Exploration of Music and Dance Forms.pdf
Quick Quiz: Facts about Latin America Quick Quiz on Latin American Facts.pdf